Ammonium Molybdate



Uses:- Analytical reagent, Pigment, Catalyst for dehydration & de-sulphurization in petroleum & coal technology, Production of molybdenum metal, Source of molybdate ions.

Specifications :

(NH4)6 Mo7 O24.4H2OMOL. W. 1235.90
DescriptionWhite Crystalline Powder
Total Assay99.0% Min.
MoO381.0% Min.
Molybdenum54% Min.
Insoluble Matter0.01% Max.
Chloride (Cl)0.05% Max.
Ar. Ph. Si. (SiO2)0.05% Max.
Nitrate (NO3)0.02% Max.
Sulphate (SO4)0.02% Max.
Iron (Fe)0.01% Max.
Lead (Pb)0.01% Max.