Molybdenum Ester

Amide Lubricant Additive

MOLYSPL 222 is an exceptional oil and fuel – soluble molybdenum ester/amide friction reducer with antiwear and antioxidant properties. Unlike other molybdenum friction reducer, it does not contain sulfur or phosphorous and is useful in a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants.


Physical StateBrown Liquid
ApplicationsEngine Oils, Grease, Metalworking
ASTM Color, 1% in Oil5.0 Max
Nitrogen Content, %3
Molybdenum Content, %8
FunctionAntiwear, Antioxidant /
Antiscuff, Friction Reducer
Chemical CompositionOrganomolybdenum complex
Density @ 15.6 C
Mg/m3 (lb/gal)
1.08 (8.9)
Viscosity @ 100 C mm2 S55
Flash Point (PMCC), C193
SolubilitySoluble in petroleum and synthetic
lubricant bases. Insoluble in water.
Use concentration, % mass0.1 -1.0
Typical UsesMOLYSPL 222 is a liquid
organomolybdenum friction reducer
specifically designed for crankcase oils.
MOLYSPL 222 Provides engine
oils with a substantial reduction in
the coefficient of friction.
Not recommended for diesel Oils.